Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sleepless in LA

Ever since I hurt my knee a month ago, I haven't been able to sleep well.

I apparently twist and turn a lot in my sleep, and I constantly wake myself up when I twist my knee into something hurtable. That's not fun. I've tried wearing a knee brace to sleep, but all that does is cut off the circulation to my foot. Nothing like waking up to see the cankle of a 400-lb. women attached to my leg to make me rethink the brace strategy!

So I'm now even more of a walking zombie than normal. Phooey.

On the up side, I went to a fun little birthday party yesterday, I skated to the beach and back, I rode my bicycle around, and I saw friends of the non-derby variety. It was good. Very good.

With today being Mother's Day, the husband and I will attempt to ride the bicycles to his sister's house in Torrance. An approximately 45-mile round trip. Oh, good times! If that doesn't make me sleepy, nothing short of a heroin/Quaalude cocktail mix with a splash of horse tranquilizers will. Hmmm, I wonder if Anna Nicole's prescriptions can be updated for me...

Below is a rejected rough drawing from my current freelance. It's rejected not because of the pose(let's hear it for the Petty influence! Yay!), but the pose + the outfit wasn't working for the effect we were going for.

I'm lovin' this freelance job!

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