Friday, May 18, 2007

Sleep is for the dead

Thank goodness there's melatonin in the world, or else I would've gone completely batsh!t by now. No, I wasn't batsh!t before...scary, don't you think?

The next door neighbors got a new dog. A dog that likes to bark. A dog that likes to bark in the middle of the night while Beavis is lurking about. I freakin' hate that dog. Almost as much as I hate Beavis. So last night when I was woken up at 1:30am by the barking dog I stomped next door and rang the doorbell to annoy the neighbors as much as their dog was annoying me. They didn't answer the door, but the dog shut the hell up, at least. This is where the melatonin kicked in...I was still able to get enough sleep after that adventure so that I'm not completely useless today.

I have a lot of stuff to do. I have to pack for my roadtrip to Sacramento. I have to plan the bootcamp that I'll be doing in Sacramento. I have to prep the husband on the cats' medications before I go to Sacramento. I have to do work before I go to Sacramento. I may have to go shopping for props to use at the bootcamp I'll be running in Sacramento.

On the Derby Dolls front: no bouts until July. No training until July, except for the newbies. We're looking for a new home during this hiatus. This comes at a pretty good time, actually, as I was beginning to stress out about how I'm going to figure out work and skating at the same time while work moves from one side of the Valley to the other and the commute resulting. Should be interesting.

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BarkingDogATLAS said...

Is your neighbor's dog getting you down? Add it to the Barking Dog ATLAS