Friday, October 26, 2007

But is it art?

I've joined a cool group of ladies who call themselves GirlsDrawinGirls. They're in the animation industry and, well, they like to draw girls. How awesome is that?

They've already put out one book, and now they're working on another, due out next year. The theme is fairy tales, and the fairy tale I'm interpreting is Puss n' Boots.

Alright, stop laughing about how fu**king apropos that is.

Here's a rough idea that I'm still playing with:

The easiest route to go would've been the furry route.

NO WAY in hell would I do that. So, it's a human Puss.


Btw, read the Wikipedia entry for Puss n' Boots here.

With all the fires in SoCal this week, it was easy to overlook a more local fire that went on in Venice on Wednesday. The husband was riding his bicycle home from Drunk Scout night and saw this going on in real time. No cops, no firefighters...just blazing palm trees and gunshots being fired. A guy ran by the husband yelling about a street fight coming their way. The husband wisely left after taking some video with his camera. He didn't hear any sirens until he was over a mile away. No coverage in the local news about this at all. We have no idea what the hell went on. Weeeeeeird.

The Derby Dolls are getting moved in to their new home in Historic Fillipino Town. Our first game in the new space is Saturday, Nov. 17. The next game(and last for the calendar year) will be in early December. Woot!

Back to work on the Halloween costume.


Ken Mitchroney said...

GirlsdrawinGirls sounds like a great place for you. Go there and give it some class. And yes, "Puss in boots" is still funny.

Anthony said...

Don't know if I ever thanked you for the link to my pix of the Venice fire - thanks. :) Nice stuff, too - and good luck on the Battle of Beavis...