Monday, October 15, 2007


This past weekend really hit home a point that's been swimming around in my muddled little brain for the past couple of weeks.

Friends are awesome.

Yeah, quite the newsflash, ain't it?

No, but really.

Trotting around the state visiting very different groups of people made me realize how damn lucky I am. I know some amazing people. They even invite! to their fun events, whether it's a biker party or a wedding. And going from one to the other in a day is quite a stretch!

I'm not articulating what I want to say very well, so let's just say that I had such fun seeing and talking to a wide variety of people whom I consider to be really really great in one way or another. I'm a lucky little knuckle-dragger, oh yes I am.

Here's the rest of the design for the SNIFF shirts this year:

The Never Trust an Electraglide... comment is from the proprietor of the party, RE. He has a history of, uh, testing Harley-Davidson bikes to their utmost engineering limits while out on cross-country trips, resulting in a couple of spectacular crashes that boggles the mind that he made it through alive and in one piece. He has a few guardian angels trying to keep up with him, that one.

More to come on my adventures later...complete with pictures of me in a dress. Just in time for Halloween!

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