Monday, October 08, 2007

Holy crap I'm a piiiiiiig...

I ate too much over the weekend. Now I feel crapacious. Bleh. It's salad for me for most of the week.

I also found out that my usual beach skate route is silly as hell. I skate almost 20 miles when I go from my house to the End of the World(aka: Temescal Canyon). Wow, that's a good haul! No wonder my quadriceps are so damn huge.

Here's a couple of roughs for drawings that I did for people. We start with a card I made for my pal Raf in honor of his coming through a freaky medical scare, and then not getting a job on the upcoming Wonder Woman direct-to-video:

Yes, that's Wonder Woman getting a face full o' skate. She deserves it, trust me. The color version came out pretty well...too bad I didn't bother getting a scan of it before handing it off to Raf. He's now in the same circle of hell freelance-wise that I am. Ha-ha!

Here's a rough for a birthday card I did for fellow Fight Crew skater and Simpsons artist Vulvarine:

She had a birthday bicycle pub crawl on Saturday night. Gawdamm, that was fun! About 25 of her friends showed up for beer, absinthe, beer, tequila, pizza, beer, beer, pizza, cake and rum. And that was before the group left for the ride! When we got back after the pub crawl, we had cake, chips, and McDonald's crap. Oh, and some beer. It was ridiculous. And tasty.

I stumbled upon the latest in reality show stupidity last night: America's Most Smartest Model. To be honest, I wouldn't have bothered with it at all had Ben Stein not been one of the "hosts". Try to watch the first episode, if you can. The rest of it doesn't look as interesting.

Ugh. I have a definite case of the Mondays.

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