Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ah, the HILARITY...

Last night was the annual Derby Doll prom.

The theme was "Heroes and Villains".

I wasn't particularly enthused about the prom or the theme, but I went anyway.

I'm glad I did, 'cos I found out my standing within the league:

WTF? you might be thinking.

That's a sharpie tattoo mimicking my slowly-disappearing cat tattoo.

Why would someone do that for the Derby Doll prom?

Because they think Tara Armov is evil.

Tough Cookies' StefCON 1 came dressed as "Tarametrics", complete with ugly tattoo, Fight Crew shirt, big jug of water, and a lot of jumping around. As she put it, "Tarametrics is PURE EVIL."

There you have it.

The hilarity doesn't end there, but I don't have photos yet.

Let's just say that StefCON isn't the only one who thinks Tara is evil.

Oh, and I got an award for "Best Trainer". I tied with Iron Maiven. Woohoo!


Ken Mitchroney said...

So to be called TERROR-METRICS.

danica said...

I think Tarametrics could easily be an asskicking, take-no-prisoners superhero, too. If weak knees are evil, Tarametrics is the hero that whips them into shape.

I usually feel this way about three days after, when I regain my ability to walk comfortably.