Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ever have one of those weeks or days where everything seems to be happening at once?

I'm having one of those weeks.

I've found out that I get really stressed out and cranky when:

  • I have a game

  • I have to lead a practice the week of the game

  • I have a shit-ton of work to get done the Friday before the game

  • my team has a bunch of much-needed private practice time the week of the game

  • I have to cross-train for a couple of hours every day in preparation for the game

  • the dentist says, It's time for your appointment! Don't flake or we'll charge you!

  • I found out that I did indeed delete a bunch of artwork files off of my computer that were relevant. Including the artwork for my team logo. The version the Art Dept. has is old and decrepit.

  • when I came home after one of the afore-mentioned team practices, one of the douchenozzles who lives in the neighborhood parked in front of the house so I couldn't park in front of the house(there was plenty of parking closer to where they live). That made me fly into a rage.

  • the Leetle Seestir needs a ride to the airport the Friday before the game when I have a shit-ton of work due

  • I can only do so many t-shirt designs in a week

  • I can't do any last-minute Art Dept. crap...just because I make this shit look easy doesn't mean that it is

  • I can't work Saturday because of the game

  • I won't be able to fully work Sunday because of the aftermath of the game, Hurricane Ken is visiting, and I'm going to be judging the flat track league's travel team tryouts

  • I have to get most of my work done sooner than later, because the following Friday everything has to be FedEx'd to my current employer after notes have been made

Luckily I don't have too many notes going into this round of shit-ton work, I just have a lot of it. Where the hell are my minions?!


tilda whirl said...

You need an intern!
I am not volunteering for that job.

troy said...


You're gonna need a bigger boat.

RedDiabla said...

I need a doppleganger. And a big boat. A FIAL boat.