Friday, January 02, 2009

Today's FAIL

Me and computers have always had a tenuous relationship. Today is no exception.

Still not used to the new computer, but I needed to print out an invoice today.

OK, NO PROBLEM, I can handle this, right?

Except that the program I used to use for invoices on the old computer isn't installed on the new computer.


So I find another one.

And try to open an old invoice so that all I have to do is cut n' paste the date and the name of the show and be done.

But nooooooooooooooo.

Can't find any recent old invoice to use.


In fact, the only invoices I can find are from six years ago, and I can't open any of them.

So I angrily start from scratch building another invoice, using the default font.

Got that part done, then I go to change the default font to the regular font that I like to use for invoices, my portfolio, etc.

It's not on the computer.

None of the fonts I'd amassed on the old computer are in the new computer.


By this time I'm in a flying rage.

Fonts are second to jpgs in terms of importance to me.

I have no idea where my old fonts are.

I don't know how to transfer them from the old computer to the new computer even if I did know.

BUT, to top it all off, my use for the fonts is extremely limited at the present time anyway.


Because most of the time when I use the fonts, it's for some art-related crap.

Which means I'm using Illustrator or Photoshop.

Which means I'm using a Wacom tablet and pen to "draw" with.

Which isn't hooked up right now because my old Wacom tablet is so old, it doesn't have a modern USB-type port to plug in to the new goddam computer that I'm beginning to hate more and more with every single fiber of my being.

So basically I can scan in artwork, but I can't build it in Illustrator or Photoshop. And I have a pathetic font selection for invoices...I have that same pathetic font selection for artstuffs, but I can't even build the artstuffs, so who cares?

I'm now convinced that the husband got this damn computer for himself and not me, because I can't manage to use the fucking thing. Like I can't use the tv and dvd player in the living room. Like I can't use the dvd player in the den. Yeah, I can manage to watch dvd's only on my fucking laptop computer while I'm working. Thank gawd I'm still using paper and pens for work, or else the computer would've gone flying out the damn window by now. At least I can still watch tv in the other room, but who knows how long that'll last. It's not a great distraction from not being able to use the goddam computer.

So now I gotta hop on down to FedEx to turn in my pathetic invoice with my freelance. With my luck, I imagine I'll get hit by a bus. At least I have life insurance now.

I wonder if there's a way the computer could get hit by a bus, too?


Ken Mitchroney said...

It's true. Computers are here to make life easier.

RedDiabla said...

Easier for me to have a heart attack over? Indeed.

Steph Greenberg said...

Fortunately, just does have her own A/V and IT geek manservant to handle such problems so they don't repeat themselves ;)

Ken Mitchroney said...

That and a big bottle of Tums, Right Steph?