Thursday, January 01, 2009

I Don't Know Why I Did It...

I've been generally uninspired to write anything here for the past week.

I think it's because I feel that I've been doing mundane stuff that isn't worth writing about. No new drawings that are worth showing...yet.

But I feel compelled to post anyway, so here goes nothing...

About a week, week and a half ago, I signed up on Which is weird for me on so many levels.

I don't really talk to anyone I went to high school with.

I didn't like high school.

I was always baffled when adults would say at the time, You'll look back and realize that high school were the best days of your life! Thank GAWD that didn't turn out to be true!

I've never been to any of my class' reunions, mainly because I had no interest in it.

As I was looking through the list of names of my fellow high schoolers, I didn't recognize most of them. The people I did hang out with in high school apparently aren't on that site!

But, I would click on a name or two, and I enjoyed reading their little "biographies" of themselves. Not because I remembered them, but it's interesting to see where a person's life can lead them. One now lives in Australia. One is married with kids somewhere in the south helping to run a church. One has a winery.

Do I feel compelled to "reconnect" with these people with whom I didn't have a connection to begin with? No, I just like reading their stories.

So I posted my own little biography just for chuckles. I don't know if anyone from ol' Woodland will be as entertained with my story as I've been with some of theirs...I suspect I'm just talking to myself.

Which I should be used to by now!

Anyway, Happy New Year and all that rot. As usual, I don't do resolutions...but I do plan on skating an insane amount this month.

I screwed up my knee again last week, so no running as cross-training for me. Dammit. Hopefully I can get the knee back to fighting form sooner than later...apparently hiatus doesn't work so well for me.


Ken Mitchroney said...

Hi, from Beth (not Kenny, for a change)....Loved the backyard cat and the Fail-Computer entries, but the high school classmates entry really hit home. I, too, shake my head when I remember the quote of "these are the best days of your life." If I'd bought into that thought, I wouldn't be here. I was insulted by the registrar at my new school after moving from Texas; classmates regularly stole my notes, so I learned to write English in the Russian alphabet; no service club would have me, so I made my way to editor of the school paper. I earned honors along the way, but wasn't given them in the awards assembly the way the others were honored. I made the top 10 percentile in grades so there'd be no chance I'd have to spend an extra second in that school. My mother was horrified when she saw my "last will and testament" in my senior yearbook, which read that I'd left the editorship of the paper to the next three folks (yep - took three to replace me) who would be its editors, and to the rest of the school, I wrote, "I gladly leave."
I toyed with making one reunion, roaring up on my motorcycle, dressed in full leathers. Wouldn't have been as much fun as Janis Joplin making her high school reunion, but it would have raised a few eyebrows.
But they were charging $50 for snacks, plus a cash bar to hang with folks that weren't particularly friendly when we were classmates. And at the same time, we got an invitation for Kenny and me to be guests at a science fiction convention the same weekend. Bet you know which invitation we accepted.

Gina said...

Hey Sandi-
Dont' suppose you would remember me but I was in alot of your art classes at Woodland High. Loved hearing that someone else just can't go to the reunions- life after high school is so much better!! Sounds like you are doing good and enjoying life. I always thought you were a pretty cool, interesting brave person and we did talk off and on. I heard that the reunion was boring anyhow- just can't drive 12 hours to stand around thinking- hey, who are all these people, why didn't they move somewhere else???

RedDiabla said...

Beth: scifi conventions trump high school reunions every time, methinks!

Gina: what classes did we have together?!

Funny story: I went to the Husband's 20th HS reunion, and actually had fun. Not because I knew anyone(obviously I didn't), but again, it was GREAT hearing some life stories. People can do interesting stuff, when given the chance.

Gina said...

Hi Sandi- Just about every class that Mr Warner taught! I did AP Portfolio senior year. Let's see- my claim to fame...I made that box with all the clay masks doing creepy stuff,,large charcoal skull that made Mr Warner ask if I was feeling ok ( well, now that you asked....)but my fav project was the plywood cows painted with subway scenes of people on them. That was just fun. I got in trouble in Sacramento one day for taking photos of them at that park as you go into Old Sac ??? High school I had long brown blond hair and was very quiet- worked at Baskin Robbins and 7-11. Anyways- life has been pretty good. Did you go to school in Pasadena? I looked at that one after jr college but ended up in San Francisco for awhile.