Saturday, January 24, 2009


While I've been hurriedly trying to draw to pay the mortgage, I was able to make some quick scribbles for upcoming stuff for when I have a week off to recuperate.

Another Fight Crew idea, to be done in a tattoo/flash art style, kinda:

Bout poster idea for the March game that Fight Crew will be playing in. Woohoo, She-Fink!:

Team pin-ups...a Siren:

And for those who are coming to the game tonight, you can marvel at this shirt:

Not for general sale...I gotta like you for you to be able to get one.

Now I gotta go get ready for tonight.


Little Kenny said...

God Dammit! Please tell me you like me. Please.

Of course I'm stuck in Florida when you come out with that bad boy. I don't know how the bout ended up last night, but I hope it went well. Or at the very least you got thrown out. ;) Best wishes from sunny, but not so warm Florida.

RedDiabla said...

In the words of the Screaming Chinaman: "Ken's gonna be SO PISSED he missed this game!"


When the hell you getting back to Hell-Lay?

Little Kenny said...

With any luck I'll be back just in time for your bout in March. Supposedly with a couple weeks to spare. I can't believe I'm missing so much derby. That said I'm gonna try and see what is available around here. Hoping there's some flat track nearby. Don't really wanna go all the way to Orlando, but I'm thinking the blue hairs and turistas here in Cocoa Beach probably aren't gonna skate around and knock each other down for me either.