Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I hate being sick.

Yesterday afternoon and evening while I was Yom Kippuring away, a cold took over. Ugh. My sinuses are stoopidly stuffed, and taking sudafed isn't helping.

At least this happened this week instead of next.

To break the Yom Kippur fast last night, the husband and I went to one of the sushi places in the mall where the track is housed. I'm a new convert to sushi...I wouldn't touch any of it as recently as a year ago. Then I discovered the joy that is spicy tuna.

I looooooove spicy tuna.

We ate an amazing amount of edamame, tempura, and spicy tuna rolls. It was delicious, even through the stuffed-sinus haze that was enveloping my face. Hopefully if I stay employed we can discover the joys of the other sushi places in the mall soon.

Back to the ick in my face...

Isn't it weird how people don't carry around hankerchiefs anymore for when they need to blow their noses, wipe their eyes, and other handy things? I guess it's a generational thing...my dad still carries around a hankerchief. It was extremely handy when I was a kid for when I'd start crying like a real girl for whatever reason and my dad would wipe my face clean. I think it was the hippies that stopped the useful-hankie trend. Freakin' patchouli-smelling, pot-smoking, hair-growing, Social Security-breaking selfish bastards.

Alright, I need to switch medications and try some benedryl. I need sleep and a clear nose. Here's some more derby stuff from the last bout to watch. The 3D stuff is still viewable even if you don't have 3D glasses. You have to watch that one especially 'cos it features ME.

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