Friday, October 20, 2006

Yeah, baby!

I'm about to get dressed, pack up the car, and drive to Sacoftomatoes.

I finished my freelance and other pressing work matters, derby crap is on hold for the weekend, so it's time to go hang out with artists and rollergirls.

Tonight I'll be watching the August bout on HDnet. So should you, if you know of a sportsbar that'll show such things. I'll also be hanging out with aforementioned artists and doing a "drink and draw", which is something that socially is great, but I can't actually draw well when I've been drinking.

Like that's ever stopped me from being a doofus before.

I don't have a real reason to post the dramallama pic. I just thought it was hilarious. Goes to show what I find funny early in the morning before the Red Bull kicks in.

Oh, did I mention that my team won again last weekend? Ah yes, Fight Crew beat our old nemesis the Sirens. The score was something like 32-20. I think. I don't really remember. All I know is that we were down two key players but we still pulled a win out of our a$$es. One more game of the season and I'm done. Sooooooooo happy! The Championship game will be on Nov. 4 against the Sirens again. It'll be an ALL AGES show! The flyer for said game is hideous; I didn't have time to do a wonderful composition, so I just did the two anime skaters and someone else did the text, etc. Bleh.

Show up anyway. It'll be fun.

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