Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shot Down Again

It's happened again.

The passive-aggressive shootdown for a job via test.

I had to take a freakin' test for a potential job last week. It was one of those "PLEASE hurry up and do the test because we're on a tight schedule and we need to know ASAP whether you're good enough to do revision work for an ugly tv show!" situations. Of course I was also on deadline for finishing my actual freelance that was paying me. And then of course I was prepping to leave town for the weekend for the Everything Nice art show in Sacramento. More on that in a minute.

So I hurriedly did the test. Did I do an amazing job? Apparently not. Does that mean I don't at least deserve a FREAKIN' PHONE CALL telling me so?! That's all...a damn phone call saying, "Don't hold your breath, it ain't happening" is all I need, so that I can get back on the horse and try for another job(hopefully a job that doesn't require stoopid tests). But noooooo, just the deadly silence telling me that I'm not worth the two minutes it would take to get them off the hook. Rude, just plain rude. I want to know the test results of the production people and executives in this damn industry. Oh wait, they don't put themselves through that humiliation, but artists do. What's up with that?!

OK, end rant.

So on to better things.

The art show in Sacramento was freakin' great. The show was curated by local artiste Kim Scott, who is one of my fave Sacto. people. She did an amazing job. The variety and quality of the show was astounding. And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. The photo is of the two pieces I slammed together for the show. The toilet seat sold quickly, much to my chagrin. I really don't want to be known as the "toilet seat girl" a la Dead Like Me, but apparently that will be the case for awhile.

I may have picked up a couple of commissions for more seats from this show. I guess that's good, right?

I stayed with Kim and her husband Craig, who actually runs the gallery that the show is at on Friday night. They just finished building a house as part of an artists' complex in north Sacramento called, Surreal Estates. A group of artists got together a few years back and proposed building artist homes in a fairly blighted neighborhood(daytime crack dealers were the norm when they first broke ground on the project) with the help of grants and stuff from the city and state. They finally finished about two weeks ago, and the results are pretty cool. Nice, tidy houses with big ol' studios out back with big roll-up doors for maximum art-moving fun. I loved it.

Saturday night I found myself going to a Halloween/wedding party for a friend of my old friend from high school, Shonda. They had live bands and everything, which was fun. I did my derbygirl best in arm-wrestling and plain-old-wrestling boys. Luckily I didn't injure myself beyond bruising my hand from spanking people(I'm getting quite good at the spanking)and being a little sore from the wrestling(which I'm horrible at). All in all, a fun time. I drank a stoopid amount and ate an even stoopider amount of chocolate-covered pretzels(which are of the devil, I'm convinced).

So now I'm jobless, prospectless, and ready to tackle the issue of Halloween costumes. I have most of the details already, I just need the hairdo, the shoes, and one vital accessory. The husband needs a couple of wardrobe details and the hairdo. Which I have to shop for this week. At least I'm of use to somebody.

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