Monday, November 28, 2005

A Case of the Mondays

I'm not feeling very inspired to write anything mildly entertaining, much less witty today. I'm just tired mentally and physically. Which I have no right to be, considering my astonishing laziness over the weekend. I ate a LOT of food and slept an insane amount. I need to discipline myself for the month, what with all the parties and other hollerday stuff going on.

Last Friday I finally went down to the Fashion District with my co-captain Myna Threat and checked out Santee Alley. We were on the hunt for Xmas gifts for my team. For cheep stuff of the latest fads and fashions, Santee Alley's the place. After about seven booths everything started looking the same to me. Same bling-bling, ugly skirts, and pirated DVD's. However, our mission was accomplished and I'm finishing up the gifts for the team. I picked up a belt with my skate name on it for $12. A BARGAIN! Myna got some belts and buckles and actually did some useful holiday shopping for her family. Afterwards we went for some dim sum. Apparently the only time she has dim sum is when I drag her to it...her husband apparently doesn't like it, or doesn't understand the concept. Either way, I win.

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