Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's up with you?!

I had a mildly amusing conversation with an old friend the night before last. He seemed to think that I'm more cranky than usual based on the voicemail message that I have on my cel phone, which basically says leave a message or die. It's not that I'm more cranky than usual, or that I'm hating life more than before...I just hate it when people call, listen to the voice message, but don't bother to leave a goddam message so that I can get back to them with whatever information that they wanted. It's about efficiency, really.

Anyway, this friend and I chatted for awhile and he said a couple of other things that made it sound like he thinks I'm angry as hell in general. For all the yelling, cursing, object-throwing, and tantrum-pulling that I can be capable of, I'm actually fairly low-key until I get riled up. Alright, sometimes it doesn't take too much to get me riled, but it's not like I'm an absolute lunatic just waiting to go ape on somebody. Usually.

And in case you were wondering...yes, that is indeed a doodle of Don Knotts with a buttplug. You're welcome.

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Uccellina said...

People mistake sarcastic/sardonic for angry. I get that all the time.

Stupid motherfuckers.