Sunday, November 06, 2005


...That booty won't stop, Girl!

That's the phrase that's been stuck in my head since Friday night, as we went to Found magazine's presentation in Los Feliz. For those geeks who are computing away on a Sunday in LA, check 'em out tonight at Bang Studios on Fairfax. It's FUN and funny. You'll hear notes, love letters, hate letters, lists of sh!t to do, an acoustic song or three, and the ever-wonderful wanna-be rap hit, "The Booty Don't Stop" live so that it'll get stuck in your head for the next three days. It's free, so go.

I was overwhelmed by food and cuteness yesterday when I went to a cupcake party hosted by one of the cutest people on the planet, my friend Becca. She's not only cute, but she makes a mean cupcake, and she's starting up a cupcake business. The party was her debut, and it was fun. I'm not just saying that because her roomate reads this blog, either.

On the way home I was ruminating on the bike. What would happen if the bike went into a tankslapper? What if the front wheel suddenly fell off? What if the engine seized while I was going 85mph down the 2 Freeway? How far would my body be flung through the air? How many feet would my body slide on the asphalt, grinding leather, skin, muscle, and bone down to gooey dust? Mmmmmm, yummy.

Anyway, tonight I get to eat kosher persian chinese food. Can't wait!

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