Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

After a busy day of having lunch with my Cute Friend Becca(mmmm, ChinChin chinese chicken salad!), making phone calls about my unemployed status, making more phone calls about the holiday card the derby league needs to come up with, starting the clearcoating process on the latest painted toilet seat, having a captain's meeting in freakin' Eagle Rock in the evening during freakin' rush hour, mailing out the car insurance bill, cleaning up after the poopy cats, watching a car thief get shot on live tv and going shopping for Thanksgiving pies at Costco, I decided to take a little late night online trip to Ebay land.

I haven't bought a lot of stuff off of Ebay. The husband has. He loves it. It's an evil place for me, 'cos there' s just so much cool stuff! Droooooool. I'm not even much of a shopper, but Ebay brings out the worst in me. I made the mistake of typing in "Aeroflot" to see what kind of Soviet airline goodies I could get from this great big blue marble we float around on. Alllllllll kinds of stuff, apparently. Hat pins, lots o' huge-sized t-shirts, a ridiculous amount of 1/10000000000 models, the occasional luggage sticker, and safety brochures. And then, the jackpot. Aeroflot flight bags:

The only reason I didn't order this baby(straight from Thailand or Singapore or someplace like that)is because of the ugly green color. It's also available in an ugly beige color. No beautiful red or black, unfortunately for me, but the household Paypal account is breathing a sigh of relief.

However, the ol' credit card might be able to afford this sucker:

That'd look good on a thick, studded wristband, methinks. Yes, I'm being totally selfish, but I'll get over it soon enough.

While I'm obsessed with myself for the moment, I'm also wanting a new light for my bicycle. Maybe a horn and a bell for the damn thing, too. That'd come in handy for night riding down Santa Monica Blvd. in construction zones where I almost get killed repeatedly. Rock on!

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