Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Your Phone's Off the Hook...

...but you're not.

I'm in procrastination mode today. More than usual. I have to kinda-sorta organize the house before the weekend and of course I haven't done a damned thing about it yet.

It's too cold to continue clear-coating the toilet seat I painted. Grrrr. So here are the other views of the mermaid seat from long ago. Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger image of each:

I called my team today to remind them of a team meeting planned for this evening. Out of nine girls I got to talk to just one of them. The rest had voicemail. For some reason this amuses me.

At practice on Monday I landed on my knees during a Big Dog exercise. They still hurt, which compromises my going to practice in San Diego tomorrow. I'll probably end up going anyway, though. I need the practice.

I'm trying to get ready to donate platelets next week. I used to give blood all the time, but the iron levels in my blood are always on the border between being able to donate or not. Apparently I'm almost anemic. Funny thing is, my iron levels have actually been lower since I came back from Texas as a carnivore, which goes against common thought that red meat is good for iron. Spinach is supposed to help iron levels too, and I eat that twice a week usually. Apparently that only works if it's combined with bread. I love bread but it bloats me up like crazy so I eat it sparingly compared to what I used to be able to put away in my fat 20's. Now I have to really work at being able to give blood and/or platelets. If I fail the iron test next week I'm just giving up totally. I refuse to be bloated just so I can give blood, dammit. Platelets is more creepy than just giving blood anyway.

You get hooked up to this machine with both arms. They take the blood out of one arm, pass it through the machine to gather the platelets, and the blood goes back in through the other arm. It takes about 2 hours to gather all the platelets they need. In that time you can get desperately cold and kinda light-headed because the blood passing through the machine gets cooled down before it goes back into your veins, and they add a blood thinner so that the points of exit and entry in your arms don't coagulate shut. It's kinda icky. The last time I did it I watched Igby Goes Down on their DVD player while I froze to death. Nosir, I didn't like it. Why am I trying it again? Because I'm a Good Citizen. Or I'm just tired of the Red Cross calling me all the time for donations. Maybe if I fail enough iron tests they'll leave me alone. Hasn't happened yet, but I can dream.

Alright, I'm off to go procrastinate about something else now.


kitt turbo said...

the toilet seat is wicked

Suzy Snakeyes said...

I seem to have really high iron levels in my blood. So much so that despite any derby injury, ache or pain I may feel, I pretty much never bruise. So maybe you should just do what I do and eat Raviolios all the damn time. Works for me!

RedDiabla said...

Damn, a Raviolios diet sounds divine.