Sunday, November 20, 2005

That Time of Year...

It's that time of year when everyone gets sick. Yesterday when I was at our weekly Saturday Morning Scrimmage I witnessed one of my teamates get sick with some sort of mucous-y funfest in the space of about a half hour.

Then I noticed that people around me were all sniffly, and I myself got a little plugged in the nose by the end of the day. I think in my case it's allergies, as today I feel fine. Either that, or the zinc I take every day actually works.

Last night the husbitch and I went to a screening of indy animated films and a panel with the films' creators put on by the Animation Co-op. I feared that this would be an evening of tedium, as screenings + panels = absolute boredom. I was right about the panel, unfortunately. The husbitch and I reached a new low by getting into a fight on paper during the panel...we were angrily scribbling notes back and forth at each other about how much the panel sucked. He wanted to stick around until the end so that he could talk with a couple of people there, while I wanted to leave with my sanity somewhat intact. He "won". I doodled. We noticed that the people whose films we liked the least talked the most. Endlessly. About stuff we really didn't care about. For a looooong time. Next time we're taking separate transportation so that I can dramatically leave in a huff when I get horrendously bored.

Today I might be able to finish painting on the drunk-puking-skeleton-monkey toilet seat I've been working on. If the weather holds I'll be able to clearcoat it soonly. Yay!

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