Friday, June 23, 2006

Art art art

I'm almost done painting a toilet seat that's going into a gallery in October. Now I gotta throw it onto the pile of other seats that are in dire need of clear-coating.

Below is the new Derby Dolls recruitment flyer. The screaming skater is my very own co-captain, Myna Threat. It was taken at the SxSW bout in Austin back in March. She's damn cute:

I don't know if I mentioned that this week all the teams had "votes of confidence" for their captains and co-captains. It essentially was a way to find out if the teams were happy with their captains and co-captains. Both Myna and I made the grade and we're still in like freakin' Flynn. Which I should take as a compliment, but deep down I know that the reason why I'm captain is because no one else on the team wants to do it.

Anyway, I have tons more art crap to do. I'm feeling very close to being productive or something. How weird is that?!

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