Friday, June 16, 2006


Here's the thank-you card I made for my team's uniform sponsor. Hopefully the lady who owns the company will like it:

Today I had to ride to the Valley to drop off my freelance work. My god, it was stoopidly hot! And I have to skate in it tomorrow afternoon! Who the hell thought this was a good idea?! It doesn't help that I'm what the league calls a "sweaty betty". It's rather self-explanatory...when I perspire, I essentially turn into a walking Niagra Falls of sweat. My face goes red, too. Highly attractive, I might add. The other sweaty bettys in the league just sweat, they don't have the redness thing going on. Ha! I got them beat!

I'm also PMS'ing like crazy. That just adds a fun layer of snarkiness and uncomfortable-ness to the whole weekend's festivities. The topper would be if I started bleeding during the game. Oh hells yeah, that'd be fun.

I'm looking forward to having next week off for my own fun. I have about six toilet seats to finish up, and I'm thinking of actually doing a painting. A real painting. On canvas. Something which I haven't done since jr. college. Hmmmmmm.


Elliot said...

Terrific logo, RD.

Mike Milo said...

I think she will like the pic. Nice drawing! Hey, so Becca and I have been doing the lunch thingy so next time you're in the stoopidly hot valley we should get together for lunch.