Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Hunt

Over the weekend I started searching around for my stash of glitter so that I can finish the twelve thousand toilet seats that need to be clear-coated. That's right, twelve THOUSAND. You think I'd exaggerate? How dare you!

Anyway, I couldn't find the glitter. Which is annoying, because I know it's around someplace. I can't imagine someone wanting to steal glitter. Just glitter. Well, I suppose you never know, but somehow I doubt it. I'm sure I put it in a Safe Place. You know, that place that's so safe, even you forgot where you put your stuff. I hate it when I do that.

Yesterday I went to get more glitter. A piece of cake, I thought. I'd just go to the local hobby shop and restock allllll of the glitter colors and varieties that I had before. No problem.


I go to the hobby store. First, they've rearranged the layout, so I couldn't even find the damn glitter for fifteen minutes. I just wandered around in over-lit confusion until I found an aisle that had a small selection of feathers, feather boas, masks, and glitter. Apparently the trend in glitter is that loose glitter is passe and glitter glue is all the rage with crafters. Well damn. And the selection of loose glitter is on a scale from middling to pathetic. Double damn. The only cool thing they had were tiny glitter stars in a variety pack of four colors. I grabbed a couple of those and some basic colors of regular glitter and decided to hit a fabric store nearby that also has some craft/hobby type stuff.

A side note: I was on my bicycle for all of this running around. Yesterday was windy, cloudy, and humid as hell. I thought I was breathing underwater it was so damn humid. The wind didn't help matters. I now know what an asthmatic feels like.

So at the fabric store, I find that the property that the store is sitting on has been sold, hence the store is going out of business and isn't selling a wide variety of anything, much less glitter. Jeez, I had no idea that good glitter could be so hard to come by. Why can't I remember the Safe Place that the old stash of glitter is so calmly residing in? I know that as soon as I'm done with the toilet seats with their inferior glitter, I'll find the good stuff. ARGH!

I made do with the just-a-notch-above-middling glitter selection that the fabric store had, but I'm ticked off about it. I have to find another source of glitter. How stoopid is that?!

Below is some more derby artwork. Drawing skates is tedious, but thank goodness for Google when it comes to searching for nice, clear images of skates to trace, and double-thank-goodness for Illustrator for making said tracing not too soul-crushing.


MILLET said...

those laces and eyelet details look super labor-intensive.good job though!

and glitter on toilet seats? gotta love that :D

RedDiabla said...

Muchas thank ya's!