Monday, June 26, 2006

The Morning Rant

I hate getting wound up over stoopid stuff, but today I am just that.

The Art Dept. of the derby league is feeling some growing pains. There was a meeting last week to decide on bout themes for our games. The bout themes and dates would be handed off to individuals for them to design the bout posters for each game. I wasn't at that meeting. Why? Because I thought it was cancelled.

It wasn't.


The list of bout theme ideas consisted of really off-the-wall ideas such as a Halloween theme for October and a Back to School theme for September. Yes, I know...just contain yourselves over the daringness of these ideas. Gosh, who woulda thunk to use those themes for those months? There were other themes listed, but weren't assigned to specific a ninja theme. Um, OK.

So shockingly, the final vote by the league has the Halloween theme for October and Back to School for September.


I'm not volunteering to do the bout posters for those months due to my brain automatically shutting off from boredom. The husband told me that I'm experiencing expectation failure. Damn right I am. It's not as if the Quadfather's Day bout idea was freakin' brilliant, but it wasn't the typical theme one would use. I like putting a twist on stuff; not going for the obvious. This crap that's been decided upon is pathetically obvious.

What can I do about it? Not a damn thing except whine. Whining to the Art Dept. isn't much of a useful option, so I whine here.

Because I can.

At least the latest toilet seat is done except for the clear-coating. This week is clear-coating madness as I have to get a seat or two ready to show at Rollercon. And then I have to sift through my computer files and do some catch-up work there. And then I have more seats to paint. Jeezus, if I only got paid for this stuff!

Last night a freak thunderstorm moved through our area. It was amazing. I was sitting around watching Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle on cable when I hear a loud rumbling. At first I thought there was a very sick plane landing at the local airport two blocks away. But no. I go outside and was treated to a light show of epic proportions that LA usually doesn't get to see. I could smell the ozone from the lightning, and it was wonderful. It reminded me of Texas weather. Rain fell after the thunder and lightning moved on, but only for about five minutes.

A good way to end a weekend.


Stephen Greenberg said...

Yeah butt...

Standing outside during a thunderstorm increases your odds of getting hit by lightning from infinity:1 to 1 million:1.

Coincidentally, I'm listening to "Struck by Lightning" from the Blade soundtrack.

It was cool though, wasn't it?

Marv said...


RedDiabla said...

The rant or the lightning?