Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm going to blaspheme...

Oh yes, yes I am.

Last night I went to see Cars.

And I wasn't impressed.

OK, that's kind of a lie. I loved the backgrounds, especially since I'm a big fan of travelling along Route 66 and recognized a lot of the Mother Road influences in the art direction. But the story? Not so much. I was underwhelmed. One colleague o' mine calls it a "honking turd". I wouldn't go that far...I've seen much worse movie-wise. But it is kinda sad that the best part of Cars was the spoofs of Pixar's own films at the end. That was hilarious!

You know what I liked much more than Cars?

Over the Hedge.

Loved it! Good art direction, voice casting, layout, storyboarding, animation...the whole shebang sat quite well with me. Much more so than Cars. It's about time Dreamworks got its head out of its ass and did something really fun. And so they did.

Next, I have to see Nacho Libre. I hear it's hilarious.

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