Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Here We Go Again...

Alright, let's try posting some drawings on this-here blog, yes?

This is actually a re-post:

Yes, it's a dead Famous Dog holding a dead flower with flies buzzing around his stinking, rotting corpse. This is actually part of a series of doodles I did last summer. The story behind it goes something like this:

One of the other sequence directors...um, we'll call him "Action Boy" since storyboarding and directing action-adventure shows is his forte...would bring flowers in from his backyard to give to all the wimminfolk in the office a few days each week. I don't think the idea was to hit on any of us, it was just something he did. Anyway, we wimminsfolk were a little confused and perplexed at first, but most of them got over it.

I decided to get weird in reciprocation by leaving a doodle for Action Boy whenever the gifted flower died and I would return the vase/bottle/water receptacle that it was living in to him. Why a dead dog with dead flowers? Why the hell not? It was fun to work with a theme, which is something I rarely do.

The intent of the doodles was to make Action Boy just a leetle bit uneasy around me. It didn't work with the first doodle. Stay tuned to see what I do to up the ante.

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