Thursday, January 24, 2008

"You People Know Some Interesting People"

Today I got a rare email from uber-smart and uber-talented Ken Cope. He's an old friend whom the husband and I have known for a long time. Once upon a time he worked for Disney, but he has since found a hot babe, got married, moved to northern California, had a couple of kids, and adopted a much calmer, happier life up there.

Ken also knows interesting people...or so he's told. The guy who runs the blog, PZ Myers, is pretty damn interesting from the skimming I've done this morning. Has relevant science posts, likes squids and has posts about lolcats and evolution? Can you really top that?!

I don't think so!

To add some possible serendippity-do, I was reading one of the very few motorcycle newsgroups that I find worthwhile, to see a post about the same blog entry from a biker friend in Florida. His post went something like this:

I was merrily reading a biology/atheism/cephalopod blog (no, don't think
about that, it'll just hurt your head) when I spied some artwork I
thought I recognized.

The blog entry talked about Roller Derby and toilet seat art and I was
pretty sure I knew who he was talking about. But then, when he
mentioned a trophy for the most penalties in a single season I knew.
Our demure little West Coast redhead, The Red-Haired She Devil is now
famous across the BlogoSphere!

Links from one of the most popular science blogs on the Net to her own
blog. Very cool.

And to think we knew her when...

So I guess I'm finally hanging with the cool kids now!

Now I know why I'm all of the sudden getting more friend requests on MySpace.


George said...

It's good that talent gets recognized.

Alexc3 said...

This is all so random. :P