Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Official!

The Derby Dolls had their annual prom/awards ceremony over the weekend. I was originally going to blow it off, since I wasn't nominated for any awards (including being shut out of the Badass Blocker category) this year. Yeah, I was shocked, too!

However, I relented and pulled out my jammies and Tazmanian Devil slippers for the "Pajamarama"-themed event. Our warehouse is freakin' FREEZING this time of year, so I had to scrap the idea of pulling out Halloween's Fembot costume, as I didn't want to freeze certain body parts off.

During the awards ceremony portion of the evening, I was too busy stuffing my face with pizza and drinking an interesting combination of champagne and Sparks to pay much attention to the awards being given out to everyone but me. Yes, I'm a selfish little twerp...didn't you know that?! All of the sudden, I hear, "TARA ARMOV!" and everyone turned to look at me while I was still preoccupied with the aforementioned activities.


Because I apparently won in a category that wasn't up for a vote, but depended solely on statistics: Most Penalized Player of the 2007 season.

Yep, I'm officially a troublemaker!

Look, here's a photo of Demolicious(league owner), Orlando Doom(with his back to camera), me, MY TROPHY, and teammate Leia Mout:

A breath-taking shot of MY TROPHY and my ugly mug:

And yet another charming, demure shot of me and MY TROPHY:

I wish I had been nominated for Badass Blocker(teammate Broadzilla won that one), but it seems that quite a few people think that Most Penalized is the Award That Matters. I'm beginning to agree with them!

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Becca said...

Most Penalized Award????? What an awesome, awesome, AWESOME honor!! I'm so lucky to have a celebrity friend like you ;) LOL!