Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Tara! Tara! Tara!"

I'm jealous over Tara again. The below is from a blog that Arizona Roller Derby's Coach Pauly said after coming out to train the Derby Dolls last weekend:

Now to name a few people that I would love to steal and bring back to the desert with me … Broadzilla is an awesome blocker/skater, Iron Maiven, this girl Is a freak of nature, jammer blocker and over all ass kicker, PITA well she is different that's for sure it's been a longtime that someone has made me flinch…but really folks she is an awesome skater, And Tara I can't say enough about this lady she is a leader on and off the track a true competitor.

Wow. Just...WOW. This comes from a guy who has been a part of the "new wave" of roller derby for over 4 years now...Arizona was the first league outside of Texas, and they have some BADASS skaters. Pauly used to play football and rugby, and his coaching skills are top-notch. He put the Good Hurt on us real good over the weekend, and it was exactly what the league needed.

And then there's the blog entry I found from one of the Fresh Meat, Gritty in Pink. She said:

But I still want to prove something to myself. I want to prove that I can do this, finish what I start and make something of myself physically--leave the “brain in the jar” life behind. Does that mean skating till I drop every day? Will I not be satisfied until I have Tara Armov’s muscles and Mila Minute’s speed?

The husband read that and said, "I never noticed that you had muscles."



Busta Armov said...

What I said was, "I didn't think your muscles were that obvious."

Meaning, you don't look like some freaky ass body builder covered in muscles that look like toooomahs.

Ken Mitchroney said...

You've made a name for yourself, there muscles. Stop doing Derby? Over my dead Scooby.