Monday, September 29, 2008


Early Saturday afternoon.

I'm nursing a vicious wine hangover after attending a drunken Art Department meeting that went on until the very wee hours of the morning. And I rode home on the bicycle! (btw, that was the MOST FUN Art Dept. meeting EVAR) So consciousness was tenuous, at best.

The phone rings. The Dear Husband answers.

He hands the phone to me, it's Hurricane Ken.

"I'm at Powell's right now. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE BOOK?"

Uhhhh, wha..?

"The art book you're in! I came here looking for cool art books, and I see this roller derby art book and YOU'RE IN IT! HOW COOL IS THAT!? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING!?"

Well, uhhhh, because I forgot!

Ken gives me a basic rundown of how damn cool the book is, and that I really need to get off my @$$ and get a copy. True dat!

One of the Fresh Meat skaters had also mentioned this mysterious book to me late last week, but again, my memory was a little fuzzy on the details of my involvement. Yes, that would be an EPIC FAIL on my part.

No wonder I'm not famous...I'm too easily distracted and stoopid to work for it.

Here's the deal:

Early this year a woman put out a call to the DIY derby world at large looking for derby artwork. She was putting together a book of derby art from all over the place, and had experience doing similiar projects for bands, etc. So I put together a disc of my crap and sent it to her, along with an online interview.

A few weeks later she puts out another call, saying that she hasn't gotten a lot of response. I got peeved and did a follow-up post saying that I went through a LOT of trouble to put together the disc for this project, so everyone else who had artwork out there had better get their stuff in or else I'd go beat them up or something.

Apparently they listened, as the book got done and published.

Funny thing is, I hadn't heard anything further about it until people started seeing it in the stores!

I'm told it's got a lot of good schtuff in it, and it's available thru Amazon. BUY IT NOW!!! Or else I'll keeeeeeeeell you!!!!


Little Kenny said...


As if there was any doubt.

You really should promote this kinda thing. Heh. Heh. Don't hit me. Please.

Little Kenny said...

p.s. I'm really envious of HK getting to spend some time at Powell's. I only got to spend about an hour there during the Oregon Brewers Festival and my drunken shopping was not really all that productive.

Ken Mitchroney said...

You posted the same thing to! HA HA HA,...OW !

RedDiabla said...

LK: yes, Powell's is the best non-drug drug there is. It's one of the few things I love about Portland.

HK: Whyyyy YOU..!!!