Sunday, September 14, 2008


Despite the roller coaster that can be life, I suppose there's something to be said for some things being consistent.

Even though I'm still sick, I played a pretty good game with my team last night.

Until I got kicked out!!!


My parents would be so proud!!

I wonder when the betting pools will start whether I'll ever be able to make through an entire game without either getting thrown out or benched.

I thought I played pretty good, despite everything. My nose was running like a faucet, so I had to pump myself up on "performance enhancing drugs"(e.g. Sudafed...the real stuff!) to make it through the damn day. I was HIGH. And making hard hits. Unfortunately my timing was a little off...the penalty that got me thrown out was a typical one: I hit the opposing jammer as she was calling off the jam. But she went down HARD and the crowd said a collective, "WHHHHOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"

I don't regret it because I insisted on having fun. And hey, I made it three-quarters of the way through the game!

The crowd reaction to that particular hit was interesting. I had our head of security come up and give me a "congratulatory" hug. I got the usual comments of, "You did that so you could start drinking early!" Various high-fives from friends and strangers alike. The one that stood out the most was a guy who excitedly came up to me saying that he used to play hockey and hadn't seen a hit like that in years and he liked watching girls do that kind of thing.


So what if my team lost by, uh, what, thirty points? We still looked good, our defense was rather impressive, and the crowd loved it. They even boo'd their usual favorite from the other team when she started showboating when it was clear that we were down for the count. Wow! I think my team got more applause than the other team when they did their post-game lap about the track, too.

So we have one more game left of this season, in three weeks. I think as a whole the team is both relieved and disappointed at the same time. I know that going in expecting to have fun is, well, more fun than stressing out about how we have to win because of Championships, blah blah blah.

Then again, as I always say, Winning is Fun!

Ah well. We'll see what happens next season.

We came home to Beavis having a party at the Beavisphere. Another consistency...he being a total jerkface. I almost called the cops, but didn't bother when the rambunctious levels weren't being raised.

So today I'm trying to start to catch up on freelance while the Dear Husband succumbs to the Cold from Hell. That reminds me, I gotta remind him to try the Elephant Gun in a Bottle so that he can get some rest.

All photos are by Michael Zampelli, aka RinkRat. He's rad.


Tilda Whirl said...

It was, for sure, a Fight Crew crowd last night. If you couldn't tell by the cheering (and booing), ask Snipe how many FC shirts she has to reorder :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy from The Redhead (the one in the East Bay, that is....)
Wow - you skated on Sudafed? I was in the throes of a major allergy attack one morning at the newspaper - sneezed through an entire roll of bathroom paper in about 15 minutes. Fellow reporter offered me a 2-pill dose of Sudafed. I took one to be safe.
"Safe"??? With the side-effect I got, I'm glad I only took the one!
For the next 10 hours, I went from having a fairly decent temper fuse (for a redhead) to no fuse at all. "Cross me, and I'll kill you where you stand, and it'll be your fault" was the theme of the day, even to Kenny..and I had a 5-hour city commission meeting to cover (anybody reading this ever do that? sitting through hours of stupid arguments and political grand-standing, then having to write it up for the paper? While trying not to kill 'em all just for being stupid?)
Haven't taken the stuff since. Don't know if the "Sudafed Defense" has been successfully argued anywhere yet. Don't want to be the first to give it a shot....
--And you were skating while on Sudafed? Competing while on Sudafed? That jammer is lucky all she got was a hard hit....don't even want to think about the carnage had I been in a bout instead of a governmental meeting that night.....
Love and aloha - Beth

RedDiabla said...

Tilda: I like Fight Crew crowds. Btw, how was your bottle of cuddlyness?

Redhead: oh, Sudafed makes me extrreeeeeeemely short-tempered, too. That's not exactly a problem in roller derby, though!

tilda whirl said...

I'm set to test its fluffiness tonight. I will report back in the morning... possibly with slurring.