Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Fog Rolls In...

Sunday morning I drank almost two huge cans of Rockstar energy drink with no effect on my awakeness level.

What added insult to injury was that during brunch I had one cup of coffee and I felt wired for sound on the way home.

I decided Sunday night that I need to take a break from having an energy drink every morning, and so I started this little "detox" yesterday of cold turkey stopping with the energy drinks or coffee in the morning.

I'm in freakin' AGONY.

I have a constant headache, my brain feels like it's in a thick fog, and I'm really, REALLY cranky.

Isn't it said that the first three days of cutting out caffeine, nicotine, etc. are the worst? If so, then tomorrow will be the last painful day on the agenda. For everyone's sake, I hope that's the case.

To add to the fun...

I'm having a battle of wits with the cats.

And they're winning.


I think because of the humidity, they're not as enthusiastic about their food as they used to be. I can kinda understand...canned cat food smells gross when it's left out in humid conditions after a couple of hours.

However, the diabetic jerkface cat needs to eat or else his diabetes isn't well-regulated. It's made life frustrating for the both of us, unfortunately.

Anyone want a couple of used cats? They're kinda cute! I'll ship 'em anywhere...airholes optional!


Donna A. said...

When I went off caffeine it was three-four days of absolute living hell. I did it on a long weekend because I knew I wouldn't be functional enough to go to work. I was right. Hang in there--it's worth it. I can now actually sleep at night. Well, mostly. When insomnia isn't keeping me awake. Or the kitten. :-)

RedDiabla said...

Ah, kittens. They're pesky in their insistence on being cute!

Luckily for me I sleep fine at night. I think I just got so used to the ritual of having some sort of caffeine/energy drink/whathaveyou in the morning, I forgot whether I needed it or not.