Thursday, September 11, 2008


I still feel like crap.

Actually, I feel like I've been beaten with a sackful of oranges and left for dead as payment for the money I embezzled off the local Mafioso at the racetrack.

And that's an improvement from Tuesday.

Yesterday I went to the doctor. He thinks I just have a regular cold and not a bronchial infection. But he prescribed me some Z-pac and what I'm calling a Bottle o' Elephant Gun, aka cough syrup with codeine. That stuff will knock you the F*** OUT, as Ice Cube would say. I slept like the dead alllll day after administering a couple of doses when I got home from the doctor's. And when I say "allll day", I mean ALLLLLLLLL DAY.

The first dose was in the early afternoon. As soon as I started to drift off, the neighbor's yip-yap dog from Hell started barking at whatever wildlife is outside(the damn dog never barks at people who are, say, trying to break into the neighbor's house. It only barks at other animals. THAT'S NOT VERY USEFUL. And it's extra annoying because it barks right outside our bedroom window. I might have to start another blog about it!), so I writhed around, and stomped to the den where I displaced the diabetic cat and snoozed away on the futon.

Five hours later I woke up and zoned out for the next five hours. Then I took another dose and slept through the night with no incident.

If that's what hibernating is like, I want in!

I don't think I'll be skating tonight at the last practice before the game. Hell, I'm just hoping to be sentient enough to try to start catching up on the freelance crap. Yikes.

Fight Crew is down its top three players for this game: Broadzilla, Tawdry Tempest and Kubonator. Broadzilla's going to be out of town, and Tawdry and Kubo are injured. So I HAVE to get better by Saturday.

Good times!


But to end on a good note(at least for the boys will want to skip this)...

Check this out...a former Derby Doll skater who went by the name Kid Vicious stumbled upon my Classic Hardware goods on her own accord and wrote a blog piece about it! Isn't that cool! The rest of her blog is pretty damned interesting, too. She's a writer by trade and is getting quite popular. She even used one of my painted toilet seats in one of her short films! So now you can say you knew her Back When...


Phil said...

You must be taking a lot of that syrup, as it's Chris Tucker who says that, not Ice Cube...

RedDiabla said...

OH jeezus, Phil. Don't make me hawk a phlegmball in your general direction!