Friday, September 26, 2008


Reasons why you should go to the next Derby Dolls game on Saturday, October 4:

  • It's the last regular game this season before the Season Championships in November.
  • It's the last game my team will be in for the season.
  • I'll be there.
  • I'll try to NOT get kicked out or benched due to egregious penalties.
  • A 17-foot tall mural of the below DORKTASTIC photo will be unveiled for your viewing pleasure:

Yeah, no sh!t.

The above photo has struck a chord with the guys who do our amazing bout video intros. They have a helluva sense of humor, I must say.

They're painting a HUGE mural on one of the main inside walls of our warehouse, featuring some great action shots of our skaters.

And that photo of me.

Why that photo?

Because I look like a big, goofy idiot.

Which is OK, since there isn't a photo of me where I don't look like a big, goofy idiot. I'm just amused that other people find my visual goofy idiocy amusing.

By the by, that particular photo was taken while I was leading a Fresh Meat practice. Apparently I was demonstrating how to not be a total wussy princess on the track. So Rinkrat managed to time it perfectly where I look like a total wussy princess on the track! Way to go!

I'm not actually complaining. It's one of those things where I can only shrug my shoulders and submit to my fate of being a doofus. I mean really, that photo is COMEDIC GOLD. I just hope that if there's reincarnation that I'll be more photogenic in my next life!

Oh, here's the bout promo for the next game. More dorkiness from moi.


Cagey said...

Your mural was looking good last night.

Also - in the penalty box after the FIRST jam? C'mon. Even YOU know better. Oy!

RedDiabla said...

The mural will be just amazing DESPITE its subject matter! I asked Vince and Brian to botox my forehead and remove my tattoo...I think they're only willing to remove the tatt!

And as for the didn't actually expect anything else out of me, did you?!?!

Btw, did anyone else find your cake to be moist?

Cagey said...

Well, what with this, "My name is Tara! I'm cutting down on penalties and ejections! I'm a good girl!" stuff, I thought you coulda lasted until at least the SECOND jam...

Oh so very, very moist.

RedDiabla said...

WHOA! I never said I was a good girl. Why, I'd get struck down by lightning if I said that even as a joke!

I did say that I might last through the entire game. Which is different from being good, you must admit!

And I hope everyone ENJOYED your moistness!