Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Bike

The Dear Husband got a new bicycle over the weekend.

The Saga of getting said bicycle should've been oodles easier than it was. As in, just go to the store where we got our last bikes and see if they have another one like the one that was stolen.

Nah. That wasn't the plan.

We went to a couple other bike stores that are closer to our house. The selection of the "comfort bikes" similar to what we have were pathetic, if they existed at all.

Argh. The DH was getting frustrated, and I wasn't too happy either.

Until I found another bike that I wanted so bad...

It's a Raleigh Retro-7...a retro-styled cruiser bike with gears. And fenders(my current bikes don't have fenders...annoying when it's drizzling or when I go through puddles)! The one I saw was white with a darker blue than the photo...it called my name, oh yes it did.

However, one look at the price tag made my dreams of riding this beautiful monster to the grocery store or the beach dissolve into nothing. DAMN me for not having a job right now!

So when the DH was unsuccessful in his bike search, I had to tear myself away from the Raleigh and we eventually went to the store where we bought our last bikes.

Which is where we should've gone to begin with.

We walk in the door. The place is bustling with activity around us, oblivious to our existence. I take the lead and stride aisle by aisle past the mountain bikes, the racing bikes, and the hellishly expensive cruiser bikes.

I turn down the last aisle, where there was a very small selection of comfort bikes. I scan the row of bikes, and there I see It.

The DH's New Bike.

Same size, same brand. BUT, in all black.


I think the DH had to ponder the purchase for about 45 seconds before deciding that this was fate smiling down upon him, so he bought that thing right away.

While the bike was getting checked out by the mechanics at the store, the husband bought a couple of accessories for the new bike(all the rad lights, fold-up baskets, etc. that he had on the old bike were stolen with the bike and he had to reorder most of the stuff over the internet)as well as a fatter lock for the damned thing.

He happily rode it home, and won't take it back to Santa Monica anytime soon.

Hopefully he'll keep this one mucho longer than the last one.

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