Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Stoopid Thoughts

Still freelancin', so no artwork today.

But I'm in Goof-off Mode, so here's some random stoopid thoughts:

This photo looks like it's from last Saturday's game, but it's really my reaction to the toppling financial institutions. People are saying we're headed for another Great Depression. It sure seems that way, and I must admit I'm a bit baffled on how this could've happened. It seemed inevitable what with the crazy spending, didn't it? We went into this with eyes wide open. It could've been avoided.

I look at my parents and my inlaws and see people who grew up predominantly broke. And the way they grew up affected the way they raised their kids. Both the Dear Husband and I were raised to be "thrifty" as my dad calls it. "Cheap" is how my mom terms it. But it worked, and it seems oh-so simple to actually live within one's means. I guess not enough people got that type of upbringing, eh? Only think of the short-term and screw the long-term, even though the sh!t has gotta hit the fan at some point, and it looks like that time is now.

So here I am, saying, WTF?!?!?!?!?!? to the world.

My cats crack me up.

Their cuteness is full-throttle most of the time, but they exhibit different modes of cuteness.

The diabetic cat has a casual, unaffected cuteness. The type of cuteness that's just natural, for lack of a better word. Whenever he's awake, he purrs contentedly. Whenever I pet him, he gives a happy whirring sound and demands that I pet him more by him petting my hand with his paw. Yeah, I know! He's completely comfortable in his cuteness, and his comfort makes me comfy, too.

He's just been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, and I'll have to start him on medication for that. I'd be worried or annoyed, but the little fucker is around 17 years old, so the vet and I figure he can do whatever the hell he wants.

The other cat is cute, but he works for his cuteness. I don't know why, as he's perfectly cute without trying, but he has that Eddie Haskell streak going on, so he pumps up the cuteness much like a struggling actress pumps up her value in this pit of Hell known as LA by getting cosmetic surgery done even though she's just fine without it.

This cuteness manifests itself in his rubbing up against any doorway, table leg, or human within visual range. His purring is loud, but is more forced. He waits for opportune moments to tip himself over and flop onto his back, tail twitching coyly. He meows at us whenever he feels he's being ignored. Which is often. He likes to cuddle much more than the other cat, and he takes full advantage of that.

He's also a true copycat. He follows the other cat around, copping his sleeping places and his food. When the Angriest Cat in the World was alive, he'd do the same to her, too. He's such a jerk! But he's my jerk.

Alright, I think I've goofed off enough. I've almost regained my will to live after the Cold from Hell from last week. Today's the first day I haven't had to suck down a bunch of Sudafed to keep my sinuses from overflowing with snot.

And look! Hotpants!


Gia said...

yeah! hotpants!

residualecho said...

Feel better sooner faster.

I found some videotape the spousal unit filled up a few years ago at Treasure Island. Elvis is on it. When I remember how to capture it and burn a DVD on this big box with the teevee on it, I'll have to get youse guys a copy of it.

Ken Mitchroney said...

Yes, Cats are funny.

I'm still suffing from the Depression,... My Mothers!

And are they RUSSLE'S hot pants???

I hope you feel better soon lady.