Monday, September 22, 2008

Pandora's Box

The internet is feeding my latest addiction very well. A little too well.

Since the Dear Husband bought the Raleigh Retro-cruiser, I've been obsessed with finding cool accessories for it. Part of my search sends me to Craig's List and their bike forum. Where there's a lot of cool bikes for sale. Such as:

This 70's Schwinn Breeze:

A Raleigh 3-speed cruiser:

A classic Schwinn cruiser:

And another Schwinn cruiser:

Seeing all those old bikes is akin to a sex addict looking at p0rn all day. It's nutso.

I don't actually want to buy another bicycle. I have three already, fer fuck's sake. But goddam, there's no harm in looking, right?!?!?!

Well, except that it's distracting me from getting my freelance done.

It's hellish freelance...just about every scene is a crowd scene. ARGH. I hate that! So having to think the scenes out takes forever. And when my mind gets bogged down(which is often), it's back to Craig's List and Bike P0rn galore to distract me until my brain reengages in life again.

I can't wait to get my work done so that I can just go out and ride the bikes I already have.

I got a special shout-out of sorts from DF, reviewer of Derby Doll bouts for losanjealous:

9.33pm. The score may not be close, but the ill-will contest remains finely poised. Someone is ejected for a post-whistle foul so egregiously violent it could only be Tara Armov. Then, to my surprise, Bombshell Betty gets the boot because … um … okay, here’s the truth: my derby dependency has caused me to attend god knows how many games in the past year, but I still have no idea when or why or how fouls happen. Apparently there are sanctioned versus non-sanctioned ways to engage in high-speed, full-contact brutalism.

The referees should be very proud of the use of the word "egregious" in the above review, as its their favorite word to use for bad skater conduct. At Rollercon, they even started a drinking game during a Banked Track Rules Roundtable when the word kept cropping up every other sentence or so. If I'm going to be a heel, I'm going to be an egregious heel.

Redneck Theater updates will come soon.


Cagey said...

I was STOKED to read "egregious."

It was started by your Dear Husband, anyway.

Ken Mitchroney said...

The first ones free kid, Here, Have a bell. A flamed seat, Ape hangers! SISSY BAR!! CHROMED MONKEY FOOT KICK STAND!!!
Next thing you know your Locking yourself in the bathroom with the Schwinn acsessories catalog and sniffing the intertube boxes at the Toy's R Us. Oh Sandra, When will it end!

Little Kenny said...

It's good to have an obsession, er, hobby. Really. It is.

RedDiabla said...

Cagey: oh, you think HE came up with that?!

Ken: it won't get that bad, cos the pay I'm getting from freelance is PATHETIC.

Little Kenny: well, it's better than actual porn!